Around this time last year, as I came out of THE CIRCLE and realised that we were fast approaching a General election, I was sent a number of proposals. Most of them did not happen but one in particular stood out and I would very much have liked to have pursued it.

This was a “blind date” with a politician. It was rumoured to be Ann Widdicombe and I thought the idea absolutely fantastic.

Some things are never meant to be, though and it disappeared after a few weeks. Today, Ms Widdicombe is back in the news, though, peddling rubbish about same sex couples and how the British public would not want to see this on the telly. What is concerning about this is not so much the possible prejudice that lies behind comment but the complete disregard that she has for history. Same sex couples have been dancing for years. Check out this photo here.

Just to sort out this, anticipate, stop this mumbo-jumbo or to look into the mind of the lady who says this stuff makes one so regret not dining with her.She clearly needs a friend, poor dear. As a matter of fact, I think there would have been quite enough to have kept the evening very jolly indeed.


Author: timewilson

animator director and teacher

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