Ethics in public office

Sir Alexander Claud Stuart Allan has resigned. He is the PM’s ethics’ guardian, the Man in charge of Ministerial standards. What he has done today is to set in motion a domino effect that will make the Home office, to start with and possibly the whole of Government, look increasingly dishonourable and therefore untrustworthy. That is not a good recipe for Government. This is so much worse than the Rose-garden Goings-on of Dominic Cummings.

The home office is responsible for setting and policing our standards of behaviour, and we now know that those standards are not upheld by the present incumbent. It was bad enough to watch the feeble attempt to shield the ex prime minister from the fallout of the mess she created over Windrush, but this is much, much worse.

Boris has allowed a document to get out that establishes clearly that Priti Patel is at fault and then, knowing this, he has allowed her to stay in office.

What we have now established is something very worrying indeed.



Steven Kokkas Releases 7th Album, Hamogela Mou (“Smile for Me”)

Greek-Canadian pianist, singer and songwriter’s newest effort features songs in English and in Greek

IKARIA, GREECE—October 24, 2020—Steven Kokkas, a Greek-Canadian pianist, singer and songwriter, announced today, that they he has released his seventh album, entitled “Hamogela Mou”, which means “Smile for Me” in English. The album, recorded with acoustic and electric instruments and featuring melodic vocals, is performed in a modern rock style. It contains songs in both Greek and English. This is a natural creative approach for Kokkas, who was born in Canada but now lives in Greece.

“This album is primarily about love,” said Kokkas. “Most of its songs are inspired by longing to be with someone you love. Switching from Greek to English here is sort of the point—love is love, no matter what language you speak.” The songs are Hamogela Mou, Omorfi Mera, Happy, Gospel Café, 13, Uncomplicated, Taksidi and I Love You So.

Kokkas was accompanied on the album by Mohammad Rjoub of Palestine on violin, Augusto Mazzoli of Brazil on mandolin, Neoklis of Greence and Joel Sakkari of India on acoustic guitar, Achilleas Valsamis of Greence and Luigi Pistolo of the US on electric guitar. Kokkas produced the album under his Canvas Muzik at his recording studio on the Greek island of Ikaria. The album is available on both Spotify and iTunes.

Kokkas has released seven singles and six albums prior to Hamogela Mou. At the start of his career, he studied music in Toronto at the Royal Conservatory of Music. In parallel, he studied with the conductor Stefanos Karabekos of the New Canadian Symphonic Orchestra. His professional start in Greece came in 1990 when Kokkas joined the rock band “Klaus” in musical theatre. His first maxi single was released in 1995 with Polygram Records. He has performed as one of the original members of the “Beatles tribute project” since 1996.