Horrid news today that a 13 year old girl was stopped by a teacher in her school and asked whether she was carrying a bomb. Simply because she was wearing a hijab. While this shows a degree of insensitivity and stupidity, it also demonstrates just how successfully Donald Trump is stirring up a wave of Islamophobia in the US, as if the efforts of Daesh/ISIS are not enough!

It is only a month or so since Ahmed Mohamed was arrested for taking a home-made clock to a show and tell session at his school. That led not only to an apology and to a call from the whitehouse and Mrs Clinton who met Ahmed, but also to an offer to be schooled in Doha and what I gather is a sizeable demand for compensation.

You know when you are doing wrong- when children are harmed. Here we have just two instances where children have been deeply upset by stupid teachers. The rise of racism and idiocy needs to be stopped before more children are hurt.

None of this aggression is necessary. Trump’s latest pronouncements come very close to the language of hate that would see him under arrest in the UK – certainly, calls for him to be denied entry to Britain should be taken seriously.

In the North east, the word “Trumping” is a euphemism for flatulence which I suppose rather sums up the man and his message. But flatulence can be unpleasant and the time has come to open the windows.


32 frame walk cycle

This one is a blog for my animation students primarily.

In 3d, frames 1-17 of the left limbs can be pasted over  the right limbs on frames 17-33.

Frame 9 and 25 are passing positions

(whether you emphasise the  “Down”* and “UP” positions or not, it is essential to focus on the movements of the foot as it follows from the passing position to the contact. As the leg moves forward – this would be the “UP” position” (12/28) and as it moves towards the contact (14/30), this helps to give the impression of weight – but we will look at this more fully next time!)

The principles of the walk are the same for 3d and 2d

Here is reference from Muybridge:

and another from Muybridge:

modern Female walk cycle reference:


modern Male walk cycle reference:

*the Down position -5/21- gives you the widest arm position in the conventional walk, incidentally, which is why the “DOWN”/”UP” positions are important, but I think it is the movement following the passing position which makes the walk cycle believable!