vodafone directors

Here is a link to our new video which is in part a real-time drawing of the above. This ia a picture of the current Vodafone Board of Directors and while I was posting my own story, I was also told about the ruthless activities of this company that have led directly to “Phones for you” going into administration. I know about the shabby way in which I was treated so my heart goes out to the 5500 employees of “Phones for you” whose jobs are now on the line.

If you can think back to the days when Ernie Wise made the first Vodafone call in the Early 90s, this was not what the company created.

'Morcambe and Wise.'


Here is the link to the youtube video:



Jerome Hoencamp Vodafone UK

What a ghastly organisation vodafone is! It is the 2nd largest mobile phone provider in the world with nearly 20 million customers. Can they all be dissatisfied? I have caught them out lying twice now and in the process of trying to cancel my account, they have produced all manner of evasion and bureaucratic subterfuge. At some later stage I will write about the story in detail I think, but for now, here is a picture of their venerable CEO, a man called Jerome Hoencamp, a man imported from Holland via Ireland to run the British Branch of Vodafone. Their slogan is “Power to you”. Somehow, I fancy they do not like to part with the power they already possess so the slogan remains exactly that- a slogan and something divorced from reality.