Recent pictures

Here is some recent stuff:

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hanem and bey by TIM.jpgbey and hanem.jpgbey3.jpg

Many of these pictures were to illustrate a talk I gave at Grace Dieu Manor School following Prize-giving on Friday.

grace dieu by TIM







Ratcliffe College – a new chapter

This term sees a new Headmaster at Ratcliffe. A few months’ ago I finished a talk with a formal farewell and thanks to Gareth Lloyd who has certainly done wonders for the school. A brand new Prep school was opened a while back by the Duke of Gloucester and a new sports track is on the way, both developed and built under his leadership. Meanwhile, a very healthy intake of both boarders and day-students is testimony to the hard work and vision that has coloured Gareth’s 6-year tenure. The new Headmaster, Jon Reddin, is well-known as the former vice-headmaster, and one of the tallest people I have ever met. I am sure he will do splendidly and I wish him and his family well in the coming years!


Here are some old images in celebration:


This is an image of the Pugin facade and below are some cards we did for the School, which I think are now available in the school shop:

Here is the new Prep school designed by a descendant of AW Pugin who designed the original school, Mount St Bernard’s Abbey down the road and my prep school below, Grace Dieu:


A half-finished picture of Grace Dieu. The new headmaster, Peter Fisher, is another dynamic headmaster!


Finally, a picture of the cloisters, which are soon to be turned from a gravel football pitch to a contemplative open air space. Bravo!