Ratcliffe College – a new chapter

This term sees a new Headmaster at Ratcliffe. A few months’ ago I finished a talk with a formal farewell and thanks to Gareth Lloyd who has certainly done wonders for the school. A brand new Prep school was opened a while back by the Duke of Gloucester and a new sports track is on the way, both developed and built under his leadership. Meanwhile, a very healthy intake of both boarders and day-students is testimony to the hard work and vision that has coloured Gareth’s 6-year tenure. The new Headmaster, Jon Reddin, is well-known as the former vice-headmaster, and one of the tallest people I have ever met. I am sure he will do splendidly and I wish him and his family well in the coming years!


Here are some old images in celebration:


This is an image of the Pugin facade and below are some cards we did for the School, which I think are now available in the school shop:

Here is the new Prep school designed by a descendant of AW Pugin who designed the original school, Mount St Bernard’s Abbey down the road and my prep school below, Grace Dieu:


A half-finished picture of Grace Dieu. The new headmaster, Peter Fisher, is another dynamic headmaster!


Finally, a picture of the cloisters, which are soon to be turned from a gravel football pitch to a contemplative open air space. Bravo!



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2 thoughts on “Ratcliffe College – a new chapter”

  1. here is the text of the Headmaster’s introduction to Tim this summer at Exhibition day. I can honestly say it was the best prize-giving speech I have ever heard. utterly captivating and entertaining. He addressed pupils directly and parents directly. He talked about the founder of the school and about the idea of providence. But it could be seen as a follow-up to his talk on kindness. I think Prof Tim has a philosophy about life that needs listening to!
    Address by Mr Gareth Lloyd, Headmaster
    Good afternoon and a very warm welcome to you all:distinguished Old Ratcliffian and Guest of Honour, Professor Tim Wilson; The Mayor and Mayoress of Charnwood and distinguished guests;
    ladies and gentlemen, and of course, students. Thank you for joining us for our 2016 Prize Giving on Exhibition Day to mark the climax of the School year, a time when we may reflect upon and
    celebrate the many achievements of our School community.
    I shall share with you a brief, personal word about Tim, while our Head Boy, Declan McAuley, will shortly welcome Tim more formally.
    I first met Tim six years ago, in my second year of headship here, when he came to offer his support and friendship, to me personally as well as to Ratcliffe College, which he attended in the 1970s. Putting aside his illustrious career, which Declan will share with you in greater detail, I was struck by his compassion for people, his passion for life, his undoubted talents in so many aspects, his warmth and integrity, and his extraordinary likeness to Robin Williams, star of one of my all-time favourite films, Dead Poets’ Society, such that whenever we meet, I am always expecting him to jump up onto a chair and declaim: Captain, My Captain! Tim is one of the most interesting and intelligent people I have ever had the pleasure to meet, and I count myself blessed to be able to call him a friend. You will really enjoy listening to him, which is just as well, for you have to listen to me first. Tim, you are most welcome.

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