Power and the Pope

I did a small film over the weekend about Plato and power. It was a bit of a rethink of the “How to Be Boss” film but the principles are the same. At what point is power invested in someone and at what point is someone grabbing at power.

The theatre, politics and education are worlds that attract a lot of aggression. People love to create their own empires without necessarily doing anything of value. Sadly, there are always casualties.

film title pope and tim




History revision

I was just doing some GCSE revision preparation and thought I would post some screenshots and a link:


screen-shot-2017-03-06-at-16-52-56Screen shot 2017-03-06 at 16.55.09



Here is a picture of Keynes which was the basis for a front cover I did for a translation of his book

“the economic consequences of the peace”

Herekeynes young