Lara Spencer

Quite shocking to see the story about a tv anchor mocking Prince George for taking and enjoying ballet classes. What is more shocking perhaps is the degree of acceptance that is given to Lara Spencer’s apology. It is almost as cheap and insulting as the original joke.

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Her joke is sexist, probably homophobic, certainly arrogant, bullying and insensitive. It is also at the expense of a child. But it took a day or two before she and her tv station  cronies realised how crass and wrong it was. Is this a reflection of the new spirit that Trump has ushered into the US? it is deeply disappointing.


A great film about abuse


What tremendous animation for Day One from BBDO

animated by Lobo Creative Director Guilherme Marcondes

Lobo was started in 1994 by Nando Cohen and Mateus de Paula Santosin in Sao Paulo. they now have a second office in New York.

Produced by Aron Matschulat Aguiar

Animators: Andrea Delfino, Bruno Carias, Bruno Hamzagic, Daniel Alvite, Daniel Bahia, Daniel Vasconcellos, Janaina Bonacelli, Jorge Zagatto, Leonardo Cadaval, Marcelo Zanin, Marcio Nicolosi, Raphael Vinicius Seixas Silva, Renato Sena, Rodrigo Souza, Ronaldo Brito, Ste Kajimoto, Thiago Martins, Victor Fernandes

Animation supervisor: Marcio Nicolosi

3d modelling: Milton Dias, Frederico Martins, Diego Esteves, Eiti Sato, Daniel Adami, Felipe Bassi, Leo Rezende, Marcel Fukuwara

music: “Walking on Sunshine





Nicky Morgan

Nicky Morgan drew the connection between words and violence in “ANY QUESTIONS”. The old nursery rhyme “sticks and stones make break my bones but words will never hurt me” is actually complete nonsense. Words can be as damaging as punches. They are the favourite tool of the bullies, used often against people they regard as “different”, who do not conform to their own narrow measurements and restricted sense of “right”. More than that, words may often be the first wave of a campaign of violence and so, to ignore verbal abuse is to invite, permit or tolerate something stronger. We cannot avoid or shelve the problem. It should be confronted and documented. Well done on this!

nicky Morgan ANY QUESTIONS by TIM.jpg

I am inclined to think that once the genie is let out of the bottle, though, there is no getting it back, and while Trump, for instance, may not be directly responsible for all the various expressions of violence in his country, his own brand of rhetoric gives the crazy a feeling that they now have a special licence to give vent to their anger. It is time for the moderates and the kind in the Republican party to step up, because the party will not go away- it needs to be transformed ideally from the inside. We need to take responsibility for the words we utter and we need be very careful about how they might be interpreted. As the man who is running for Mayor in London, Shaun Bailey, has found, words from the past can come back and haunt us. A world where everything is digitally recorded and stored is a very dangerous place. We need to be particularly vigilant.

3 MPs resign over BERCOW

3 MPs have quit an important committee because it is chaired by the speaker, John Bercow. The issue is bullying which is something that I have spoken about earlier.It is a great shame that the Speaker has decided to hang on for a further year- I am afraid it will end in torrid disgrace, and now would be the time to bow out quickly and with as much dignity as possible. He has been badly advised. He should have gone a few weeks’ ago. This is not about whether he is or is not a bully- I have seen bullies and frankly he does not seem the type, but who knows outside his office. He could be a tyrant over the typewriter. It suggests, however, he is not good at reading the mood– about himself or others. That single ability sums up his job and if he cannot do that he is a lame duck speaker. That alone suggests it is just a matter of time before the good members of the house of commons start to walk all over him.

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Here is my comment on bullying, for what it is worth.