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There is a man I would like to meet. His name is Dan Lever. I saw him on the TV this morning and he was almost unable to speak because of the blustering nonsense of his adversary, a rather nasty piece of work called Simon Renton. Of course, Renton may be a perfectly agreeable man but he he was there to explain why University teachers were coming in for so  much criticism. Instead, he tried to savage the present Government’s spending. Rather ridiculous as the rot really set in with the last Government and there has been a long steady decline in investment. A cannot imagine that Renton is a Conservative after this rant, but does he not realise that his socialist comrades look pretty feeble too? Dan Lever, in contrast, seems to be doing something about the problem and good on him! He has started a site called “Student hut” which aims to put students in touch with one another and to ensure as best he can that those who are new to university life are not completely abandoned. I have added a few comments to the sketchbook above which indicates what I think Renton should have said in response to the criticism of University teaching/tutoring. And a bad tutor may not necessarily be a bad researcher and vice-versa. there is room for the most appalling people on University staffs! It is just a matter of finding out where best to pl;ace them, but listening to student feedback is helpful and the Government does not have all the answers or indeed bear all the responsibility for the current mess.


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