Alan Turing’s anniversary 7th June


So many things going on today, like the D-day celebrations- though I am busy preparing notes on the problem of evil and the existence of heaven. Nevertheless, I thought it might be interesting to direct you to Jack of Kent’s website ( and specifically to his article in the New Statesman on the prosecution of Alan Turing ( The 60th Anniversary of Turing’s death is tomorrow and, while he has now received an official pardon and statues are springing up in Bletchley and other places to commemorate his astounding achievement, it remains a fact that Britain comes out looking very shabby from this story, as indeed it does from the parallel story of Oscar Wilde’s disgrace and subsequent death. It is not just the disgrace of Wilde that is important in the 19th Century, but the way that everyone connected with Wilde was brought down too with one puritanical salvo. I have been thinking alot about Aubrey Beardsley whose brief period of activity was certainly cut short by the Wilde scandal. Of course, the Turing story could have been much, much worse. Had he been “caught” a few years earlier, it is likely he would have been imprisoned and never completed or maybe even started his work at Bletchley. It may just be speculation but I fancy the war would have gone much worse for us without the development of the “mechanical brain”. The hand-wringing, therefore, about laws in Putin’s Russia looks a bit rich coming from the UK- Russia, at least, can sit back and lay claim to the fact that it had no hand in the comparable murder or suicide of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, that it has not yet driven great writers or great thinkers to their death because of some puritanical and outrageous piece of knee-jerk legislation- not yet, anyway… There are some curious aspects to the process of the law in this area in the UK. One of the men who was responsible for tightening up the laws against sodomy/buggery was a man called John Atherton, an Oxford man and later protestant Bishop of Waterford in Ireland. He was accused of having an affair with his servant, a tithe-collector called John Childe and both of them were hanged in 1640. In all likelihood, he was the victim of a conspiracy but it is worth reflecting on the way public sentiment turns against any form of salacious puritanism and how easily mud sticks when someone is accused. Maybe it is because our National hands are dirty/soiled, therefore, that we have a duty to talk to other countries about the stupidity of enacting silly restrictive and irrational laws that perpetuate prejudice, discrimination blackmail and fear. Because we understand the danger and the appalling consequences not just to the country itself but to the lawmakers.

newark by election

I did some drawings of a man, Robert Jenrick, who won against UKIP last night in the Newbury by election. His acceptance speech was a bit of a mess, but he clearly mounted a very good campaign against stiff opposition from Labour and Farrage. Congratulations.



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11 thoughts on “Alan Turing’s anniversary 7th June”

  1. Nice surprise… I can not wait for the next update…! Cheers my friend…
    P.S.: your friend from South Africa

  2. 強く振ってもゆっくり振っても安定した飛距離で私のエースドライバーとなりそうです。 サンドウェッジはタイトリストですがオイルカンメッキなので、MIZUNOへ発注する際わざわざ通常のサテンメッキを、PWと52度だけダブルニッケルメッキにしているんです。 星から来たあなた DVD
    ようやく、6ヶ月ほど掛けてD1.5の#3から8本を揃えて、調整しました。 現代、マッスル・バックでは間違いなくミズノが世界一に位置するでしょう。
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  3. When someone writes an paragraph he/she retains the plan of
    a user in his/her mind that how a user can know it.
    Thus that’s why this post is great. Thanks!

  4. お互いにナイスショットでも  仲間同士「たまにはやるじゃん」なんてかんじ。 もちろん、河川敷やショートホールに毛が生えたみたいなコースだって言うけど、俺たちがゴルフ遊ぶのに十分だったし。 星から来たあなた 激安
     この地域は葡萄作りに適した気候だそうで、近頃ワインの実力も急上昇であるようです。 前下がりの深いラフ、木があるので狙えない、48度で右前に出す、ナイス。
    星から来たあなた キャスト 本日は、岡山空港ゴルフコースで、ゴルフを・・・。 4Iを入れるときはAP2とかCBとかにするべきと感じました。
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    夕方から降り出した雨が夜半に土砂降りとなり、激しく車の屋根を打つ雨音を聞きながら「明日のゴルフはついに雨の中か...」と覚悟した。 予定ではMorgan Creekだったのだが、途中で気が変わって昨日と同じHazelmere Country Clubへ行くことにした。 星から来たあなた 日本語字幕
    また、商品の詳細についての御質問に対して分かる範囲で回答致しますが分からない場合はご回答できない場合もありますので御了承下さい。 ロフトが10度ってのが少し気になりますが、スライスするよりは上に上がる方がマシでしょ(笑)そんなんで組んでみました~♪これを渡すのは、年明けになりそうですが、ゴルフ好きになって欲しいなぁ…。
    韓国ドラマ 星から来たあなた DVD この間私がドクロにはまった、タロットカードをやってみたら、全てのカードが、「人のための出会いのきっかけを与える」とかをはじめ、とにかく「与える」というカードが出てきたそう。 石川は先週、バイロン・ネルソン選手権で今季初のトップ10入り、獲得ポイントは5.40。
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