soviet memorial

treptower 1

I had asked Nick Jenkins what I should draw in Berlin and he suggested Treptower park. I had no idea what he was talking about and what I found there was quite stunning. A perfect piece of Soviet art  designed to an overall scheme by Yakov Belopolsky and one of the most tranquil of all memorials I have ever visited. Here is a page of sketches and more will follow when I get the scanner to perform correctly. It commemorates the many soviet soldiers who died in the battle of Berlin. The main focus of the monument is a 12 metre tall sculpture by Yeygeny Vuchetich (top right) and what I called a “station” at bottom right after the “14 Stations of the cross” in Catholic Churches is actually one of 16 “sarcophogi”, each one inscribed in either German or Russian with words of Stalin and showing military scenes. There are no bodies in the sarcophagi but 5000 bodies buried somewhere around the monument. The soldier on the top left is kneeling next to a granite soviet flag and the figure at the bottom left of the page is the motherland weeping for her fallen soldiers.

Putin has been to the memorial and laid a wreath here.

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