Yannis Varoufakis


Very odd that everyone misrepresents what Varoufakis is actually offering or, as the TV claims, “threatening”.

The BBC says he refuses to talk to the Troika. In fact, he seems prepared to talk to anyone. The only thing he does not accept, it seems is to be bullied into a position by people who claim to know better.


As a pretty distinguished  academic, Varoufakis seems perfectly positioned to comment on the last 5 years and Greece’s debt. He says, “The disease that we’re facing in Greece at the moment is that a problem of insolvency for five years has been dealt with as a problem of liquidity.” Thank God this is a man who can express himself perfectly well in both Greek and English. His appearances and explanations on the News’ channel Al Jazeera were excellent too! This is a man we can afford to take seriously.

merkel 1

Mrs Merkel meanwhile says she is not prepared to discuss anything and wants Greece nevertheless to stay in the Eurozone. I cannot see that she can have it both ways, poor lass. The fact that someone repeats herself does not make what she says any clearer or more certain- she is just repeating something.


Author: timewilson

animator director and teacher

2 thoughts on “Yannis Varoufakis”

  1. thank you….
    past couple of days reporters are asking an actual minister very shallow questions and then present his answers in bits and pieces so people think that he is a rebel.

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