David Coburn considers his position

coburn resigns

Failed law student (Glasgow), art trader.

There are apparently claims he stood as MEP for Scotland while listing a resident address in Kensington. This may be why he also stood in 2012 for the London assembly -and lost.

He believes in legalising recreational drugs, against scottish independence. He also believes UKIP is not racist. He does not like gay marriage initially saying that this encourages homophobia from religious people and later calling gay marriage Politically correct and allegedly a symptom of Nazi ideology – I do not quite understand this.

He has difficulty, it appears, with Asian names, specifically confusing Humza Yousaf and earlier Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh. She described his mispronounciations of her name as “sexist and possibly racist”- “How humourless and thin-skinned are these people,” said a UKIP spokesman in response, “trying to make faux outrage stories about a slip of the tongue over a name?…It wasn’t mispronounced throughout the entire Euro campaign. It was mispronounced once; if memory serves me correctly, David called her Jasmina” But abuse is abuse, surely?

this is what was written:

Ms Ahmed-Sheikh said: “During last year’s European election campaign, I was faced with David Coburn’s ignorance as he repeatedly got my name wrong.

“During the days and weeks of the campaign he called me Pashmina, Jasmine and Tamzin before eventually settling on a combination of ‘love’, ‘dear’ and ‘honey’.

“I found his remarks sexist – and possibly racist.

“We need to be doing all we can to encourage women and people of black and minority ethnic origin into politics.

“Mr Coburn is a dinosaur, and if his leader Nigel Farage has a shred of decency he will sack him now.”

Mr Yousaf first called on Mr Farage to sack Mr Coburn this weekend after the MEP’s Abu Hamza “joke” was revealed in a tabloid.

The external affairs minister described the remark as an “Islamophobic slur” that left him feeling “deeply hurt”.

He said: “It is quite unbelievable for anyone to think it is appropriate to compare me to a convicted terrorist simply because I am a Muslim.

“None of us would tolerate this behaviour if we witnessed this being shouted at a Muslim in the street – but the fact it has come from an elected member of the European Parliament is beyond the pale.”


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animator director and teacher

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