sojourn in Albania

I am not sure I have posted this, but rather remarkably there is an article in the Albanian Encyclopedia of Art about me and about what we are doing on the Edward lear Project. I think we are now approaching the 10th year of working on this and last year we were filming in Corfu, where Lear was very happy. I am not so sure he was ever truly content, but he made others so. Just check out the story where he reduces the young Bey of Durres to giggles without either understanding a common word. Maybe that is one way to get through life, isn’t it?

Last year at Easter it rained and the procession with the brass band disbanded at the last minute in a scene that was unutterably mediterranean…

albanian encyclopedia


Author: timewilson

animator director and teacher

3 thoughts on “sojourn in Albania”

  1. we need a translation. but ten years deserves a celebration. there should be some national or international coverage of this. You’ve done two or three exhibitions of the paintings for the film so far, haven’t you?

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