Islamic extremism and mis-use of the word “fundamentalism”

This blog seems all the more relevant as time goes on!

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I despair of broadcasters who use the term “fundamentalism” as a catch all for the types of Islamic extremism that we would all broadly condemn. The problem with words that are vague and also loaded is that they take on a life of their own and pop up all over the place. Today, there is a fairly heated debate about the presence of extremism in some schools in the Midlands. There is a debate about who should take responsibility for this- the home secretary, Theresa May or the Education Secretary, Michael Gove. The shadow Home Secretary points out that the argument involves a betrayal of the principles of Cabinet government and that what is said privately and what circulates in letters between ministers should stay private so that the Government can present a united front on important issues that have been debated. The principle is that when a Minister rejects…

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Author: timewilson

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3 thoughts on “Islamic extremism and mis-use of the word “fundamentalism””

  1. important stuff. this is why you should have persisted in speaking about Islam a few weeks ago. It should not matter what platform you were on- the message you are putting out there is so important, it has to be stated. Keep going, please. Do not give up. This is really important work and you will find there are many people who support you. I’ve followed all the UKIP stuff after you left the party and some of it was nasty. It takes a principled man to stand up like this. YOu are principled and you are right.

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