The Daventry Council elections

willy wonka rebellion flatAlways a bit odd when you witness a bad loser of course and there was a demonstration of such a man on saturday. His name is Ken Ritchie, a man who may have a doctorate in election analysis, called Psephology apparently. So he should have known better.

Having lost to a very nice Conservative lady called Amy, this man went on to speak for a good 5 mins giving her “advice”. He is not a councillor and I cannot see that he has so much advice to offer, frankly, but who am I to comment- I forgot his name when it came to time for me to speak. But Ken certainly came across as a bit patronizing.

At the end of the election count, the head of the Council had been invited to speak. He is Chris Millar and I do not remember if he had finished talking but Ken suddenly exploded again from one side of the room. He ranted about the fact that Chris had not stood for election  that year and therefore had no right to speak. That Chris was a conservative and that this was an unprincipled bias. It was actually very shocking and sad to see someone so distressed and acting so badly in public. The Council official in charge of the election count, the returning officer pointed out that it was actually his choice and that he had personally chosen Chris as a speaker.

My picture records this moment. To the right is Wendy Randall, a lady who has done valiant work drawing attention to the plethora of dog shit around Daventry. Certainly, since her campaign started, there is less of the stuff, but it is by no means gone. I think once sprayed, it cannot be left. It still needs to be bagged and binned.


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2 thoughts on “The Daventry Council elections”

  1. we should have seen this cartoon in the local paper. Instead, there is the following letter on the letters page:

    Sure that Amy will do a good job

    I would like to thank not just those in Drayton ward who voted for me last Thursday, but also those who took time to give me their views. I am sorry I will not be able to work with them as a councillor, but that does not mean an end to my involvement in the ward’s affairs.
    I congratulate Amy Howard on her victory in the Drayton election. I am sure she will get a lot of satisfaction in being able to support the wonderful work being done there by Councillor Wendy Randall.
    Ken Ritchie

    So, to continue the Theatrical metaphor, Amy Howard is Wendy Randall’s support act. I would object to this personally if I were Amy.

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