It pains me to say

Much of what Farage says here is right, particularly about his reservations and warnings about the Euro- “through massive ambition and hubris, you ploughed on.”

I was in Greece in the run-up to the Millenium and the Euro project there was clearly a disaster hidden beneath a carpet of half-truths. But while Farage thinks we should walk away now the damage has been done, I think we should hang around and clear up the mess.

So much of what Farage says is reasonable, and of course brilliantly done- from a rhetorical point of view, he is a master of the verbal put-down and the jocular aside. But then he does a typically Farage thing and says he is walking out, never to return. But we know Farage from last year, when his resignation then turned out to be just a two week holiday following his unplanned defeat in the elections. Time to lick his wounds perhaps but not time enough to reflect on what the electorate had told him.

While I accept his comments about the hubris of those who drove the Euro, and while I share his concerns about the EU and its future, I hasten to add I have drawn different conclusions, partly because of his failure to eradicate racism in his own party, his endorsement of views that might well be taken to be racist, and his inability to control the thugs in his own backyard.

UKIP is the only party in the UK to embrace a libertarian view, and that is attractive, – more than that, there are excellent people in the party (not least Douglas Carswell, but I hope the option remains for him to return to the fold) – but it is too wide a church and the BPMers who infiltrated its ranks have been both tolerated and advanced to the detriment of others. (What was Sajjid Karim thinking of when he talked about “dealing” with Farage- I hope he was not suggesting violence and I am sure he was not- but no doubt that’s the way Farage would interpret it! We do not want to encourage the thuggery surely!)  If Farage is walking out of the EU, then, thank God, but recent history suggests he is not to be trusted to follow-through with this!




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4 thoughts on “It pains me to say”

  1. Farage, everytime I listen to him speak he gets a little to smart for my liking. Getting smart with somebody when you’re only rattling off what happenned in the past is not being smart,. Predicting the future and speaking using fine vocab and great manners is smart.

  2. When my son came home from school in his first year, it was all the rage to hold your breath as long as you could, preferably till you fainted. It was such a neat boarding school trick and it was some time before he realized it was not a healthy pastime.

    Mr Farage is a brilliant mind and it is so sad that his very good policies are marred with the transparent racist behaviour of some of UKIP’s members. Perhaps if Mr Farage could lift himself and his brilliant mind above the mire that has become his farmyard; he could use it to unify our nation.

    1. I much agree. He is a speaker with a rare skill- whatever he says is brilliantly presented. It is such a shame his party is so infected. He is, incidentally, as you know, not the only one worthy of some respect in UKIP. But he has used his gifts unwisely.

  3. Sorry, just saw this now, It is probably good he has resigned, hopefully he won’t do another turn around in a couple of weeks.

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