Make room for Andrea Leadsom!

The New Prime Minister makes it very clear that she is efficient- she had appointed the key members of her cabinet within an hour of kissing hands in Buckingham palace. One of those appointments, Boris Johnson, has sent shockwaves around the world but I think I have already explained for a Turkish outlet precisely why Boris over-egged the “Leave” omelette and why that was such an important thing to do if he was to deny Farage his place at a future Cabinet table- to me, Boris will always be the man who took one for the team, and he did it with a panache no one could ever rival.


Boris is not just the thinking-man’s Farage, he is quite simply, “thinking man”. Farage, once thought necessary to anyone’s plan for Brexit, like any unwanted ingredient, like rancid butter, has been consigned to the bin of history.

Mrs May also makes a stab at a smile, but it all looks a bit forced. For that reason, I hope she will find room for Andrea Leadsom on her team. Andrea demonstrated last weekend that she is deeply human and the mistake she may or may not have made in no way disqualifies her for high office. I think she could show the humanity of the Cabinet. We need a few tears and we need someone to gleefully explain how to vote twice, or, indeed, to observe that getting a room to meet a Telegraph interviewer at the local hotel might perhaps be misinterpreted. I do not share many of Mrs Leadsom’s views but I have grown to like what she stands for more and more over the last week.




Author: timewilson

animator director and teacher

4 thoughts on “Make room for Andrea Leadsom!”

  1. glory be to God- Michael Gove has gone and so has the odious Osborne. Isn’t it time to get out the caricatures and celebrate their departure- and Nicky Morgan- he lady who turned the word sanctimonious into a duty. Come on Tim, this blog at its best is satirical surely?- you don’t really want Leadsom in the cabinet??? – do you? I cannot tell…BUT: (a) she cannot handle the pressure and (b) she has pigshit views on gay marriage!

  2. always entertaining and often right! I came here for the drawings and return for the detailed commentary. Keep it up, Tim Wilson!

  3. I always enjoy the way you defend Boris, in the news again tonight making comments about the 2nd world war. I listened and cannot see how someone could take offence, but then I am not a journalist and not in the business of trying to find fault with our national leaders. Boris always seems to me to be the man best suited for the top job.

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