British History’s Biggest Fibs

On Thursday, a BBC 4 programme airs about three distortions of history- Richard III’s death, the Glorious Revolution and the formation of the British Raj. I was asked to provide titles and animated sequences throughout the series. the sequences show some of the contemporary images, initially on manuscript paper, and finally on what appears to be the pages of the Illustrated London News. Lucy Worsley presents and I am confident that it will be a good show!

Here, meanwhile (though it is NOT in the show!) is a quick drawing that I did of Lucy as Richard III.



Here is an earlier post:



Author: timewilson

animator director and teacher

3 thoughts on “British History’s Biggest Fibs”

  1. this cartoon of lucy led me here. found it on the internet. PRICELESS and clever. It should be used to promote the whole series. She has been dressing up in everyone else’s clothes. this takes it all to a new level. she could even greenscreen it all and do a sort of Mafry Poppins thing! The mind boggles at the possibilities! (What are yuou a professor of?)

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