more British history

Here’s another review and a few sketches I did




Well, as British History’s Biggest Fibs with Lucy Worsley, the historian and broadcaster’s latest jolly meander through the past, reminds us, history is there to be spoiled, in the sense that the events we think we know so well – so well, indeed, that they become mythologised – can still offer some revelations. This is exactly how the softly didactic Ms Worsley explains the Wars of the Roses, (and the glorious Revolution and the Indian Mutiny in later episodes). There is, you see, no such thing as a definitive account of anything in history, not even from Ms Worsley. So, there is plenty of fascination left in, say, Richard III, or “wicked King Wichard” as the learned Lucy styles him. This is as good as telly history gets.




Author: timewilson

animator director and teacher

3 thoughts on “more British history”

  1. loved the programme and your illustrations -which I immediately identified- whop else could have done them- were very refreshing markers in what was actually quite a complex narrative. well done all! I hope this generates more BBC work- in the days of the computer-generated gimmick and the glib image copied from google, this was fresh, original and hand drawn!

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