Jerry Bock and Ian Bannen

A year ago I met Ian Bannen’s widow – what a chaming lady. I well remember her husband who spoke at my school once and gave me a prize. He was also a spectacularly good film actor- his last film “Hope and Glory” is a slightly overlooked masterpiece- here is the poster. Tomorrow is the anniversary of his death.

hope and glory poster

Oddly, tomorrow is also the anniversary of another slightly unsung hero- Jerry Bock who gave us “Fiddler on the Roof” and “She loves me”- Again, I think back to the 1970s and a brilliant adaptation with Gemma Craven broadcast on tv late one night. “Ice cream”, one of the great numbers from the show! There is also “the apple tree”, a broadway show  from 1966 with animated sequences by Richard Williams!

jerry bock by TIM.jpg


Author: timewilson

animator director and teacher

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