I found this today

dionysosdisHere are a few lyrics from the old musical treatment of the Bacchae together with a copy of a statue from the Louvre (2nd century roman so not very authentic)

2nd century roman copy in Louvre by TIM.jpg

This is what Disney dis with the charcter of Dionysos/Bacchus

tribute to ward kimball bacchus by TIM.jpg


And A Heinrich Kley inspiration: Disney returned from a European trip in 1935 with a wealth of illustrated books and certainly the alligator scene in the Dance of the Hours owes a deal to Kley. There is even a link between a picture of Kley’s and Chernabog in the night on a bare mountain sequence which otherwise owes more to Kay Neilson. A Puck illustration shows a hippopotamus checking herself in a looking glass, shades of “Dance of the hours”.


Author: timewilson

animator director and teacher

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