Christmas Carol drawings

Here are a selection of drawings that illustrate the recording (links enclosed below) I have made reading Dickens’ Christmas Carol:

christmas carol opening by TIM.jpgmarley  coming into the room by TIM.jpgscrooges door by TIM.jpg

the window.jpgscrooge suprised by TIM.jpgmarleys ghost by TIM.jpgshaded scrooge by TIM.jpg




RIP Richard Williams

When I was 11, I wrote to Richard Williams who invited me up to 13 Soho square and I never looked back. We met a few more times after that and I know personally of his kindness, his drive and his immense talent. He is the author of the bible of animation, a signed copy of which is in my bathroom, and another two copies on my desk and in my briefcase. He is also the director of “A Christmas carol” (1972 oscar winner), “Who framed Roger Rabbit?” (another 2 oscars) and the unfinished film “the Thief and the Cobbler”


and the magnificent prologue

Quite simply the best!


and circus drawings:

Here are some earlier pictures from earlier posts about RICHARD WILLIAMS:

brigand poses