shock! sensational news about Dumbledore direct from the US!

I was shocked to read the following rubbish from US preacher Kevin Swanson, (and I trust this is indeed his swan-song). Quite apart from the length of time it has taken this twit to process the rather old news that Dumbledore is gay (not in the book, so we take it on trust that JK Rowling knows more about her characters than she was prepared to commit to an already over-long and overblown set of novels- alright, “the Prisoner of Azkaban” is a brilliant bit of writing, and up there with the stuff of Ursula Le Guin and probably Philip Pullmann), he also tells us that he plans to sit in a pool of excrement when his gay son gets married.


I did not know much about Kevin Swanson. I thought he was a character from “Family Guy” and had to check. He is. But it is not the same Swanson. The Swanson to hit the news today is a crazed Revivalist pastor who is much given to sensationalist homophobic rants. I suppose it was only a matter of time before Dumbledore caught his beady all-seeing eye.

Swanson – who recently called for the extermination of gay people – said “we are on the very cusp of judgment as I see it and we need to call America to repent.”

“America, repent of your rebellion against God.

“America, repent of stumbling the little ones! America, repent of Harry Potter. America, repent of How to Train Your Dragon.

“America, repent that Dumbledore emerged as a homosexual mentor for Harry Potter, that Hiccup’s mentor in How to Train Your Dragon emerged as a homosexual himself in order that history might repeat itself one more time, in order that little six- and seven- and eight-year-olds might stumble, in order that tens of millions of parents, it would be better that a millstone be hanged around their neck and they be drowned at the bottom of the sea than that there would be so many people stumbling so many children in public schools, in movie theaters, in homes in which children are raised to be stumbled by the Dumbledores and by the mentors of Hiccup in How to Train Your Dragon.”

Swanson is also on record condemning Disney’s Frozen as another form of gay propaganda.

I am so sorry there is confusion about this man’s identity. Clearly, the crazy pastor belongs in a cartoon and the little lad who went off to Iraq, the older brother of Susie (one of Stewie’s old flames) called Kevin Swanson, voiced so beautifully by Seth McFarlane, who does everything well, must now be the stuff of real life. I always thought that “Family Guy” was worth watching. It certainly must be, if the alternative is a crazy bible-thumping madman who believes his bile is inspired by God.