Mother Teresa

mother Teresa by TIM

Mother Teresa is claimed by a number of countries. This is a statue from Skopje in Macedonia where she was born to Albanian parents, though if one goes to Tirana Airport, she is waiting at the entrance, and, of course, she is feted in Calcutta.

Mother Teresa Tirana airport and Skanderbek by TIM.jpg

I have drawn her before in my film HOW TO BE BOSS. This won an award for Best Animation in 2012 and I sat up for 6 nights doing it. This summer, I managed 16 all-nighters to complete animation and sequences for the latest Lucy Worsley, which promises to be a treat… the “BOSS” film seems a long time ago now…

At the base of my picture of Mother Teresa in Tirana is a bust from elsewhere of the great Albanian hero who gives his name to the main square in Tirana. I will write something about Skanderbeg/ Skanderbek (variously spelt) whose 550th anniversary is this year.