Figaro! The Animated opera

marchellina and bartolo2 flat

One of our projects is a cartoon version of figaro. Here is a version of the storyboard for Bartolo’s aria with music arranged by David Watson. None of the sketches are entirely “on model” and they were completed over a period of some years as the project has developed, but I think they show the energy and demonstrate that it is possible to re-think this opera in terms of a universe inhabited solely by cartoon characters. During the overture, Bartolo demonstrates an interest in Arson, and we also see Marchellina leave her home in Bath to take a train to Castle Almaviva. She is followed by Bartolo which explains his appearance here. She also spies on Figaro, though not until the next scene, on Susanna. The film was designed some years before Downton Abbey captured our tv viewing, but I suppose would be exactly that period and image.


figaro new 1064

extra 11

figaro new 1022





extra 9


Author: timewilson

animator director and teacher

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