Edward Lear Drops Holman Hunt’s Letters (An Unpublished Letter)

lear drops letter1

Here is an interesting Lear-based story about an unpublished letter. Holman Hunt encouraged Lear to paint in the open air and to use a more interesting range of colours. Lear was encouraged by Hunt but eventually retreated back into the studio to paint. His drawings were done with great speed as he travelled.

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The following is a note Edward Lear sent to William Holman Hunt explaining what happened to two of Hunt’s letters Lear was supposed to post from London. There is a short reference to the accident in today’s diary entry (19.ix.64):

3 PM. 19. Sept. /64
Stratford Place.

My dear Daddy,

I was miserably vexed this morning at what happened to your letters ― tho’ as no harm has come of my mishap you may forgive me. In taking out a letter from my jacket ^[front] pocket, I took out 2 of yours by mistake, & replaced them inadvertently in the similar pocket of my overcoat. This latter, finding myself too warm in walking, I took off, not supposing there was anything in the pockets, but unfortunately the 2 letters fell out, & were ― luckily, ― picked up by the man who brought down my luggage ― who…

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