The beatles tribute

A friend of mine is doing a Beatles’ tribute in Athens. This is a re-working of a tremendous concert from last year I think, but it gives me a reason to reflect on the whole Beatles’ thing and to draw up a version of the characters from Yellow Submarine.


I find the film a bit frustrating and I am not sure I have ever seen it from beginning to end without falling to sleep. This is not a huge criticism: I regularly fall asleep in the cinema (I did so today in Perfect Pitch 2) but “Yellow submarine” is fairly brief and it just gets me every single time. The music is great but the dialogue always sounds a bit flat and the animation is bizarre.

As an animator I wonder if this is the price we pay when we escape from the well-trodden paths of Disney naturalism/realism? “Allegro Non Troppo”- fantastic film, but that’s another that I cannot sit through. Though “Fantasia 1 and 2” fall into the same category. Is there something wrong here. I admire all these films and they all- universally – send me to sleep.

Anyway, here is Steve’s advert for the concert and below is a bit of film of last year’s concert at the Herodion and the Megaro Mousikis.

here’s another clip:


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animator director and teacher

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