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Now the Conservative Leadership campaign is to be fought between two women, there seems to be competition to look as much like Mrs Thatcher as possible. Last night, Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom both gave interviews and I did a quick drawing of each. This is the result, but look how much they resemble the Lady herself! I think Mrs May has the edge.


Here is a scene from my film, “How to be Boss” where I am quoting Mrs T’s famous dictum made to Women’s Own in 1988: “There is no such thing as society. There are individual men and women and there are families. And no government can do anything except through people, and people must look after themselves first. It is our duty to look after ourselves and then, also, to look after our neighbours.”

Here are the individual pictures-

I have drawn Theresa May before here- 

government ministers

and Andrea Leadsom here

and here

gay marriage


I scribbled this for a Turkish paper:

Just a note about Boris:

Johnson, the charismatic former mayor of London, dropped out of the Conservative leadership election after his fellow “Leave” campaigner, Michael Gove, said he was not fit for office. In fact, I understand that Boris was stabbed in the back by his own manager, the MP for Stamford, Nick Boles, another Oxford man. I had been in touch with Nick Boles, indeed, a few weeks ago about an educational project, and I got the impression then that he had not been actively involved in the Referendum campaign. I was right. He was probably busy plotting political assassination. The day before he resigned, Boris had been besieged by telephone calls and texts and Nick apparently suggested he took away the mobile phone which Boris, trusting animal as he is, gave to him. In his possession, Boles had the power to send a number of deeply foolish messages in Boris’s name, one indeed to Angela Leadsom which Boris knew nothing about. This is what led to his decision to withdraw. The lesson is very simple: never lend anyone your mobile phone!

For weeks, Gove and Johnson looked like great friends, but it is now clear that although Michael Gove was underhand, is openly disliked and arguably dishonest,  in fact, the groundwork for Gove’s brutality was actually laid by Boles who was a much closer friend. It is still not clear whether Boles’ telephone antics were stupidity or malice but they provided enough ammunition for Gove. The chaotic mess that surrounds Boris’s departure, however, does not lessen his achievement which has been spectacular. So, on Friday night, Boris made his own oblique reference to the Boles/Gove assassination when he spoke with some detachment about his success as Mayor in London bringing down crime levels- though he added, he had not quite dealt with “knife crime” in Westminster. Only a man as schooled as Boris in classical allusions could have got away with such a reference. Not only was Boris stabbed in the back, but it was done by one of his closest university friends.

nick Boles pix

in contrast to Deputy Prime Minister Nurettin Canikli’s twitter comments that Brexit would fragment the EU and that “Britain was the first to abandon ship,” Brexit may well heal Europe and at the same time, help Turkey’s EU bid. After dragging its feet for months, I expect the EU to finally pay up the cash promised on 18th March and also grant the visa-free access promised in return for discouraging irregular migration across the Aegean sea. Already, a week after BREXIT, the EU has opened a new chapter in Turkey’s accession talks, entitled “financial and Budgetary provisions”. The EU will be looking to replace Britain with another weighty nation and Turkey is a prime candidate. The “Christianity” claim is rubbished by the accession of Bosnia and the planned accession of Albania so the key objections to Turkish accession are fading.

nurettin Canikli

We now face an exciting time as two women contend for the Premiership, and  I hope as Andrea Leadsom adjusts to being in the media spotlight, there will be a real discussion about the way forward. I am personally very proud that we, as a Nation have put forward two women, without any attempt at an “all woman shortlist” or positive discrimination. Andrea and Theresa are there on merit.

In the meantime, as Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci has urged, we should be cementing our common interests as two countries on the edge of Europe and build up our mutual investments and trade.


Author: timewilson

animator director and teacher

8 thoughts on “The leadership look”

  1. Leadsom has been dredging up the gay marriage thing again. And all this crap about motherhood! I am not sure she will be a safe pair of hands!

    1. Andrea made a great fuss about this when the law was brought in. She is a local MP, and I was formerly in her constituency: I have written to her today and recommend watching my three videos on the subject:
      It is always worth putting things into perspective- there are only 6 verses in the bible which are questionable, and a modern understanding of these verses is at odds with the oft-claimed “biblical authority”. For what it is worth, and Lutherans and Calvinists may spin in their graves, I think there is no such thing as “Biblical authority”- there is only “Church interpretation and tradition” of Biblical texts. I also think it is foolish to cite 6 proof texts out of context to defend prejudice.

      I will report back if Andrea responds! She was commendably quick to reply to my note after the Referendum result, but in this case, I suspect she will have other things to do.

      Despite all this, she may not look most like Mrs T, but I think she is the better candidate for today.

  2. How the hell can you ever support this woman? Check this link-–WJnqywhOrZ?utm_source=indy&utm_medium=top5&utm_campaign=i100

    She is ambivalent about HS2- one minute supporting it and then dumping it. In the end, she voted to support it but now:
    “HS2 is an enormously expensive project… What I would want to do is an early review of are we sure this offers the best value for money, and if it does then I would commit to going ahead with it but if it doesn’t we would have to look at other possibilities that deliver further passenger capacity.”

    The only positive thing is her commitment to repealing the hunting law:
    “I would absolutely commit to holding a vote to repeal the hunting ban. It has not proven to be in the interests of animal welfare whatsoever. I do believe we need a proper licensed regime which works much better and is more focused on animal welfare.”

    The bottom line is that she changes her view depending on who she has just spoken to. Even when she appeals to the Bible as an ultimate authority, she hedges her bets and votes both ways. This is not someone you could ever trust.
    WTF! I follow your blog BECAUSE I expect more from you than this sort of blind faith.

    (Sneaky suspicion: you like Leadsom because you are the first cartoonist to draw her? And your drawing is very accurate!)

  3. both ladies in Government now so let’s see who struggles to do better caricatures than Mr Tim! You should be known nationally!

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