Tim the elephant

Today it was announced that the elderly tusker, Tim, has died in a safari park in Kenya. He had evaded the poachers and lived to a relatively ripe old age. He was much studied and drawn. I have drawn him in the past and drew him this morning as an example of how to draw elephants on my Youtube channel!

Here is a moleskine sketch along with comparisons with Disney’s Tarzan (Tantor?) and Warner bros’ Horton, both of whom have moved the eyes to a site slightly above the trunk, which is what made it so difficult to draw a convincing elephant as a child- the only elephants I had seen were in Disney’s version of “Jungle book” and this modest modification made all my efforts look more like dogs than elephants- and that was rather the plan I think by Johns Lounsbery and Ken Anderson and the 9 old men who reworked the elephant anatomy early on and especially for Dumbo. It is also evident, by the way, in the design for “elephacine” in Fantasia-

moleskine tim the elephant scriobbles.jpg

elephants Disney copy 1940.jpg

and particularly evident in the designs for Madam Mim in “the sword in the stone”. In this instance, it is a Milt Kahl design animated by Lounsbery.DEKew22U0AEXyeu.jpgDEKezCqVoAAknlG.jpg

For the record, here is my drawing:

elephant TIM by TIM.jpg

Author: timewilson

animator director and teacher

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