Why the Parks are the life-blood of the town

I was appalled to walk around Daventry a few weeks ago with Councillor Sean Connors who, like me has a keen belief that we can do better, work harder, enjoy life, when we live in a beautiful place. He is a man who really does have “green fingers” and is trained as a horticulturalist. I think we need to recognise that the contracted park service we currently use is not fit for purpose and we need to set up something we can be proud of. I don’t doubt that this will take a bit of time to arrange, but I am sure the goodwill is there to support such a scheme. We need a trained team of responsible people, properly equipped and motivated to give dignity to  Daventry. braunston tunnel 1950s Since I resigned last Tuesday, I have been approached by many people asking me to stand as an Independent candidate. I worry that time is short and also I cannot begin to describe the exhaustion of facing up to all the savagery from UKIP that followed by resignation.

Here, anyway is a video I made with Sean a few weeks’ ago. The contents remain relevant today.
And here is a link to an earlier film I made walking down Sheaf street in Daventry. Daventry has tremendous history and it is something to celebrate publicly. I think within 3 years, we should be winning a Britain in Bloom award!

FRONT number 1 revised2 FRONT number 1 revised22

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