Mr Versi’s revisions

I have written before about the work of Miqdaad Versi and I note that his actions are now reported to be more targeted and disciplined. He now also writes for the Guardian.

It is not that I want people to search for errors, but I would like journalists to be held to a standard of decency that sets the tone for any future or current debate. I went back and reread what I wrote earlier- mostly it was a groan about the gathering campaign of Mr Trump who tomorrow is inaugurated as 45th President of the US. Rather like Brexit, this is something we must now accept as reality. We cannot wring our hands and protest that we did not vote for this, want it, or indeed that we do not recognise the outcome. It is our job to make the best of a given result. That is the reality of politics.

More than that, the Trump Presidency has an impact well-beyond the borders of the US and he has a direct effect on many people therefore who were never given an opportunity to vote for him in the first place. The much-hyped concept of 51% voting for such and such is irrelevant actually. The only relevant fact is the reality we face, and we move forward in the knowledge that that is the reality we must address.

In contrast to the worried views of the “Spiked on line” people, and particularly the rather petulant Tom Slater (who thinks Versi is trying to “ring-fence Islam from criticism”), I think it is the quiet and careful actions of people like Mr Versi that will tone down the more extreme rhetoric that was used by Trump and his followers during the US election campaign. Let’s hope Trump’s more extreme remarks were the product of ignorance. Ignorance, as Plato says, can always lead to knowledge and knowledge is “the Good”.

To his credit, Mr Trump has mellowed of late and is clearly seeking and taking advice. Like Mr Reagan, Trump shows all the signs of being a good delegator, something we over here need to learn. Maybe it is time for a big businessman to take on the establishment. I loved the Peter Brooke’s cartoon a few days ago in the Times that celebrated Trump while also recording the end of the Barnum and Bailey/Ringling brothers’ circus. In fact, I increasingly love Peter Brookes! His observation demands scrutiny and his drawing alone merits some study. He has been on a bit of a roll recently while Riddell, in the Observer, whose work I think is a natural successor to Tenniel, has been a bit “same-y”.



Author: timewilson

animator director and teacher

2 thoughts on “Mr Versi’s revisions”

  1. This is very good and very clear. I could not find your earlier blog about this man. Maybe I am just being a bit thick!! Lol. You probably know there is now a touring version of La Cage aux Folles. I suppose in a Catholic school, I should not know about such things! The gay issue is interesting and I note you have written at length about it and made some films- very interesting. Here at Ratcliffe, we have a lay chaplain who pontificates about charity and a positive attitude towards gay people, but he takes great pains to suggest that he is not gay and that no one he knows well is gay, when the slightest look around confirms that practically every priest you have every met is gay or potentially gay. God knows about the private life of the current chaplain and his cronies, but the words of Hamlet seem appropriate to so many of the people who have counselled us about the gay thing, about the priority of Catholicism , the value of ecumenism and so on – “the lady doth protest too much!” Just to say, your philosophy of kindness is much in need.

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